Modell496 DroidX12Viewer

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The DroidX12Viewer allows you to load and display the contents of an 837 claims or 835 remittance files.


- HIPAA Compliant X12 Version 5010 and 4010

Requires Android Operating System.

Getting Started with the DroidX12Viewer


To get going with the DroidX12Viewer you will want to set the file folder where you will have your X12 files. The file folder is set in the Configuration of the app.


Once you have your file folder set you can now click the Load File button and select the file you wish to load.


After your file has loaded you can click on View File Data.

The formatted data wil be in the form of a web page. Each claim or remittance in the file will be included in a table of contents at the top of the page that will allow you to hot link to the detail information of the item selected. A link is also provided to a Segment Data section that provides a numbered segment listing of the file.

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