ModelM484 X12 Inline Parser

Order C1D0U484 64bit

64 Bit

64 Bit

The Inline Parser is a bidirectional parser capable of converting X12 files into XML or CSV files and converting XML and CSV files into X12 files.

You can call the X12 Inline Parser from another application program and specify the conversion type, input file or directory, output directory and parsing options such a map and output file name.

- Create CSV and XML files from X12 files.
- Process a single file or all the files in a folder.
- Mapping tool can be used to generate pre-designed maps.
- The parser can be mapped to process any valid X12 transaction.
- Mapping is user definable.
- Ability to call and run the Parser from another application without user intervention.

The Inline Parser uses user defined mapping and can be mapped to handle any X12 transaction.
Prebuilt maps available with examples are:

270 Eligibility Inquiry
271 Eligibility Response
837I Institutional Health Care Claims
837P Professional Health Care Claims
837D Dental Health Care Claims
276 Claim Status Inquiry
277 Claim Status
835 Remittance Advice
834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance

Requires a Microsoft Windows 64 bit Operating System.

To get started with the Inline Parser there are X12 Examples and Projects available under the Functions menu within the product that you can click on download and run.

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