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ModelU497 X12

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X12 Utility

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C1D0U497 (64 bit)

The Health Care EDI Utility allows users to display and print the contents of standard ANSI X12 270,271,837,277,276,835,864, and 997 files in a user friendly format.
You can scan folders for X12 837 and 835 EDI files to create a database for an easy search and listing of the claims and remittances contained in those files.
Export files to CSV or XML.

270 Eligibility Inquiry
271 Eligibility Response
837 Health Care Claims
276 Claim Status Inquiry
277 Claim Status
835 Remittance Advice
997 Functional Acknowledgement
864 Informational Report

In addition to being able to view ANSI X12 the Health Care EDI Viewer can also view and print HL7-encoded V2.x files

Data is displayed in context sensitive screens relative to their transaction set.

- View or Print Listings of Claims
- View or Print Data Sheet of Individual Claims
- View or Print Listings of Remittance
- View or Print Data Sheet of Remittance
- View or Print Functional Acknowledgements
- View or Print X12 Data in segmented lines
- Load 997 transactions on top of 837 claims transactions
for Line Level Identification of error information.
- HIPAA Compliant X12 Version 5010 and 4010
- Create a searchable database of 837 and 835 claims and remittances
- Export files to CSV or XML. -

C1D0U497 Requires a Microsoft Windows 64 bit Operating System.
C1D0N497 Requires a Microsoft Windows 32 bit Operating System.

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